Down to Top.jpg

Down to the Top of the World

by Jon Larson

I have been a keyboard player and guitar player for a bunch of groups over the years. My main passion is writing songs which is something I have always done since my teenage years. In 2005 I decided maybe it was time to make an official release for some of my songs. So I began writing and recording with that in mind. Roughly a year later in March of 2006 I felt I had something worth the effort. 

In the course of that year many artists came into my little home studio to add to the music. Some were buddies and some I didn’t know as well but all are folks I am a fan of. Thankfully everyone I asked was up for it so I felt a little like a spoiled brat who got everything he wanted for Christmas. This record wouldn’t be what it is without them. 

Emmaline Muchmore sang on “Leeches”. The song “This Something ain’t Right” featured the vocals of Gini Dodds as well as Jeffrey Willkomm and Curtiss A. Jeff also played bass and Curtiss A played harmonica. Terry Isachsen played slide and lead guitar on this track and also played guitar on “Mask”, “Why Not Today” and “Down to the Top of the World”. Katy Vernon sang on “Seed”. JoAnna James sang on “Blink”. Shane Martin sang on “Why Not Today”. How all these cats ended up on my record still amazes me. But I’m thankful. 

The fantastic cover art and art within the layout was done by Heather Konakowitz. 

During the making of this I laughed, I cried, I shook my fist at things, but mainly I took a good look at myself. In short it is a journey Down to the Top of the World.