The Cursed Project

The Cursed:

Work continues on this album, it started out as one song called “Low Light”.  Shortly after I wrote another tune called “All for a Bag of Gold” which was in the same story sense of “Low Light.”  Initially, I thought these could simple be a part 1 and part2 and leave the story to just two songs.

The story in short is a character who stumbles upon a skeleton, near the skeleton is a bag of gold and when the main character takes the gold is inflicted with a curse.  He no longer is living on the earth as a mortal but one possessed by greed and being able to see others who are cursed as well in another state of being.   In short, have earthly pleasures but not being able to enjoy a normal life or normal relationships.  So that was the story for two songs, until the tune “Where I Was Found” was written, which again seemed to fit in this storyline.  At this point I decided to take this story to a full length album format.

A song of mine called “Higher Ground” was going to be included, to the point I started to include the main theme of “Higher Ground” into some of the tracks I was working on.  Later I decided “Higher Ground” was its own tune and should not be included, so I put that on my “Ages” album in 2014.

Now there was the problem of the “Higher Ground” theme being included on “Cursed” tunes.  Thankfully, most of those song ideas were aborted.  However, one track needed to be fixed, it is the opening instrumental piece called “Radix”, which is a Latin word for “Root”.   This is when the edit functionality of computers comes in handy, for I was able to remove entire sections and recompose the “Higher Ground” section completely within this piece.  The end result ended up being much stronger than what it was.  Fate seemed to clear that up.

Another song called “Fall From Inside” was brought back from the archives.  I wrote the original version in the early 2000’s then forgot about it.  2007 I resurrected the piece making several changes, however I forgot about it again.   So, now it is back into circulation and I am happy that it is finally a complete song and fitting in as if it always should have been part of this project. 

 “Mirabelle” which is mostly a new tune, well kind of!   There is a middle section that is a piano riff I wrote when I was still in High School.  For some reason I never forgot this thing and it made its way into “Mirabelle.”

In the last half year I have written 5 more new tunes for this project, lyrically they are coming together as is the story from top to bottom.  I think lyrically this has been the most challenging.  Everything is recorded musically but the lyric is something that is taking time.  The challenge is tying all these ideas into one piece, in particular when my style of lyrics is somewhat vague in giving the listener plenty of openings to make tunes open for multiple interpretations.   Hopefully, this whole thing will make sense.

The final piece on the album will be an instrumental I wrote and recorded in 2010.  It is something I had on you tube and to my ears seems a fitting ending for this project.  I have tweaked a few things mix wise for it but overall it is the way it was.

The odd thing about this process is I have felt creative on a level I hadn’t for some time.  My prior albums contain a type of songwriting that I enjoy, but off to the side I have always dabbled with more “left of center” approaches that rarely come to surface in things I put into the public domain.   This stuff is not nearly as poppy as prior releases.

Finally, I am going to become more diligent in getting this thing finished.  A year ago I was doing a “Single of the Week” project that really forced me to finish song ideas.  I have decided to do that with this project.  I will release each tune in order from week to week creating deadlines.  Which is something I am in dire need off.  So look for the first tune in the near future.  “The Cursed” are soon to be released.