The Cursed Album

Jon Larson

Last December I released an album called "The Cursed" If you haven't checked it out you can stream the whole thing on my website.

It's an album I always wanted to make. A concept album where the whole thing serves one narrative or story. It's been done a bunch by other artists in the history of music making but I wanted to take a stab at doing that kind of project while I still had some vitality within myself. Whatever that means :)

On and off over the course of many years I wrote, recorded, scrapped ideas, reused ideas, recorded ideas again until it arrived to a place that felt good enough to present.

One example would be the song Mirrabelle, the piano riff for the middle section is a riff I have had since I was 17 or 18 years old. I always remembered this riff but never found a place for it until this album. Things like that made this album feel like a life long piece of work.

I sent one of the tunes "Fall From Inside" that was in progress to my friend Troy, (Troy Rickertson of the band The Follow). I tend to send half baked versions of stuff to friends of mine like that to see what they think or just me being a narcissist and having a "show and tell" moment!

Somehow while talking about it we arrived to him taking a shot at mixing the track. Besides being a great musician, singer and songwriter, Troy is also a master audio engineer. When he finished and sent me his mix and I remember just being floored with happiness. It sounded the way I hoped it could sound but better.

From there he ended up mixing the whole album. Being that we live in different states in the US we transferred tracks remotely. He would send his mix and I would say "yup, that's it!" His first takes were spot on.

I believe there was only one tune that I asked for changes to be made. The song "Path to Redemption" needed a different snare sound, which wasn't anything mixing could fix, it just needed a different snare drum sound which was on me. So, that was me saying "I gave you a crap snare sound, try blending this one in". Which he did with great patience.

So, thanks to Troy for his dedication and attention to detail. There are so many details in his mix, I recommend headphones to hear them.

My wife Alecia did the cover art and arranged the digital booklet that comes with it. She has an eye for photography that is truly special. Plus, she has mastered photoshop. One of her photos she did this really cool effect on it that made the image look like it was spraying slightly across the photo. I knew I wanted that kind of effect for the album cover. Eventually, we went with a picture of the skull and that effect. She nailed it!

Anyway, this is just my early morning coffee induced ramblings about an album that I am proud of. If you read this far thanks for putting up with me.

Jon Larson