Meet the Artist

talking about music is like dancing about architecture
— Martin Mull

It all started with a Muppet Drum Set

A young lad growing up in Wisconsin with wooden sticks and a desire to make a groove.  Jon spent his early life in both Wisconsin and Minnesota in various bands.  Sometimes as a drummer and sometimes as a keyboard player.  The bands he wrote and performed with were “Mending Faith” and “Tom”.


He eventually moved to the Twin Cities where he played live and recorded with the bands “Edwin’s Fix”, “Magic Pants”, “Julie Ann Bailey”, “The Shane Martin Band” and “Gini Dodds and the Dahliahs”.


Throughout all these years Jon also took to the guitar and songwriting recording many demos of his own tunes. In 2006 Jon released his first album called “Down to the Top of The World”. 


Around 2007 Jon discovered an internet virtual world called “Second Life”.  A place that had a new kind of music scene of folks playing in world streaming their live performances.  Jon started to perform virtually in this world as well meeting a whole new spectrum of musicians.  He started to perform often as duet with “Voodoo Shilton”


In 2012 Jon moved to California and within a couple of years released his second and third albums “Ages” and “The Tales of Lefty Chicago”.  Jon also contributed to another Second Life musician “Twin Ghost” on his record “Classic” in 2015.


That brings us to today where Jon continues to write and record and perform live.  On his latest album “The Cursed” Jon performed and sang everything that is heard.  This time around instead of mixing and mastering the album himself “Troy Rickertson” of the band “The Follow” took on these duties bringing new life into the tracks that could not have existed without his golden ears and musical sensibilities. 



Jon Larson
Drums / Guitars / Keyboards / Bass / Vocals