Meet the Artist

talking about music is like dancing about architecture
— Martin Mull

Jon is a multi instrumentalist who has been writing and recording tunes since he was a wee young lad.

In 2006 Jon released his first album “Down to the Top of the World”. Many folks contributed to this record, Curtiss A, Gini Dodds, Terry Isachsen, Jeffrey Willkomm, Katy Vernon, Shane Martin and JoAnna James. The artwork for this record was created by Heather Konakowitz.

In 2014 Jon released his second album “Ages”.  He performed most of what is heard on this album with contributions from Juan Araneda on the tracks “Higher Ground” and “Light of Love”. The photography and design layout for this album was created by my wife Alecia!

Later in 2014 Jon released his third album “The Tales of Lefty Chicago”. Jon performed most of what was heard on this album. The tracks “Situations Report” featured the vocals of Emmaline Muchmore. Emmaline also sang on a tune called “Pockets”. My wife Alecia provided the photography and design for the album layout.

In 2017 for his forth album “The Cursed” Jon performed and sang everything that is heard.  This time around instead of mixing and mastering the album himself “Troy Rickertson” of the band “The Follow” took on these duties bringing new life into the tracks that could not have existed without his golden ears and musical sensibilities.  Once again my wife Alecia created the cover art and design layout for this project.

In 2019 Jon released his fifth album “Lies and Shenanigans.” A collections of songs varied in styles with contributions from Twin Ghost, Emmaline Muchmore and Juan Araneda. The photos were taken by Jon with the album design layout completed by Twin Ghost.

Jon continues to write and record in hopes of releasing new music into the future.



Jon Larson
Drums / Guitars / Keyboards / Bass / Vocals